Plano de Descarbonização de Pernambuco: Rumo a um Futuro Sustentável

Plano de Descarbonização de Pernambuco: Rumo a um Futuro Sustentável

In an ambitious move, the state government of Pernambuco unveiled its Decarbonization Plan in March 2022, an initiative designed to reshape the local economy while preserving the environment. The plan, focused on decarbonizing the economy by 2050, is based on a comprehensive strategy in harmony with the national and international contexts.

The rigorous methodology underpinning the implementation of this plan is based on several key stages. Firstly, sophisticated integrated models are used to project the long-term effects of the various measures. Next, a multi-criteria analysis evaluates technological solutions according to criteria such as efficiency, feasibility and environmental impact. Finally, a proactive identification of potential barriers is followed by specific measures to overcome them.

The results expected from this plan are significant, with a projected reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to a precise timetable: a 15% reduction compared with baseline scenarios by 2025, and a 32% reduction by 2035 compared with current projections. The ultimate goal is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, relying on the adoption of low-carbon technologies and bioenergy with CO2 capture (BECCS).

The transition to a low-carbon economy is expected to have positive socio-economic spin-offs. Economic growth is anticipated thanks to new economic opportunities linked to decarbonization, job creation in sectors such as renewable energies and energy efficiency, as well as improved quality of life for households due to a healthier environment and reduced energy costs.

It should be stressed that Pernambuco’s Decarbonization Plan is a living document. It will be regularly updated to incorporate global technological advances in the field of climate change. The project is supported by the SPIPA project and GIZ, in collaboration with Brazilian research institutions and specialist consultants, working together to pave the way towards a sustainable future for Pernambuco.

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